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Happy birthday, Showtaro!!! <3
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crystal_ageha wrote in shou_chan_4ever
It's already the 25th in Japan, and, as all Morikubo fans know, Shou-chan is 38 today! Of course, he's as beautiful as ever, and another year only makes him that much more perfect, hah. ;) In honour of his birthday, I'm posting a live version of my favourite Show song, Lazy Mind (which has been so kindly uploaded by our very own morikuborules!). If anybody hasn't seen it yet, do check it out. :) And feel free to post any of your favourites, too. ^^


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Yay!!!! Happy Birthday to our dear Showtaro!!! *^_^*
Indeed, I completely agree about him getting more and more perfect( in all senses XD) through the years. 38 years of amazingness!!! Love Shou-chan!! <333333333
Oh, you've picked my favorite song too! =D
No matter how great his songs are, ''Lazy Mind'' will always be the most perfect. =3
I wish he'd sing it again some other time...but I'm already glad we have this live version!
Now, let me pick up another video to celebrate our beloved Shou-chan special day:

''Stand down'' & ''MIRROR'' live at Orepara'2010!

Oooh, good pick. :3 Love how he looks for this live. Those gloves, hah. <3

Whoo hoo, happy birthday, Shou-chan!!!

One of my favorites is this one -- Welcome to My Museum. Thanks go to morikuborules for the video and the lyrics!

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