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森久保祥太郎 = <3

1998 ''SPRIGGAN'' talk
This is a really cute video, back from 1998, hope you enjoy:

Orepara' 2011 report
Hi everyone, you can check Orepara'2011 report here.
Here are some AMAZING photos:

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AN'S ALL STARS ''Omomuku mama ni'' with lyrics/translation
Our newest subbed video, hope you guys enjoy it!

[PV] ''Mr. CLOWN'' with lyrics & translation
Hi everyone, here's the full PV with lyrics and translation, thanks to my friend tappajamursu, who's also translated ''Fatboy''. And you can check the lyrics & translation of ''Mr. CLOWN'' on his site as well.

I'm hoping the video won't be removed, but we can never tell. Enjoy while it's on air. XD

Shou-chan & Hide-san singing ''OVER'' broadcasted on 2012.01.19
Hi everyone, these almost 5 minutes brought tears all over my dorky face: first time I watched them singing it really live, since I was watching and recording this namahousou this morning( for me ).
I recorded the whole show and you can grab the download link in this entry at my LJ.
For now, enjoy this precious moment:

6th Seiyuu Awards: let's vote for Shou-chan!
Hey everyone, I know it's not easy for Shou-chan to win the ''the Overseas Fan's Choice Awards'', but the least we can do is vote for him.
So let's cast our votes and do our best!
Vote for Shou-chan HERE.
I simply wrote ''Morikubo Showtaro'', without comments or even josei's names.Too busy voting for him. :p
You can vote more than once, by the way.

[PV] ''The Answer''
Decided to post a better quality video on YouTube, though it still lacks the DVD quality, of course.
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[video] ''Mr. CLOWN'' single preview
Here's a preview of ''Mr. CLOWN'' single. Tracks are:
1- Mr. CLOWN
2- Fatboy

Voice Crew #576 & #577 subbed in English

On this last show, it's interesting to see Shou-chan talking about his family, specially his relationship with his younger sister. Really amazing how spontaneous he can be.

Morikubo Showtaro live 2012 ~心・裸・晩・唱~ Phase2
As announced on his official Twitter, there will be the second live show from his tour ~心・裸・晩・唱~  on April 15ht, 2012. Tickets will be available from December 26th until January 15th here.
More details soon.
I'm really hoping for a new live DVD any time!
**EDITING 2012.02.03**
I've heard more than 4 times that there will be the recording of his live DVD on this concert. I don't want to celebrate it beforehand, but I'm already all hyper. XDDD
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