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Big ''Images of the weekend'' thread!
morikuborules wrote in shou_chan_4ever
Hi everyone, been a real long time since I've last posted here >.<

Anyways, I hope to be able to update the ''Images of the weekend'' posts ASAP.

For now, some random pics to put some smiles on our faces! =D

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Thank you so much! I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondered if all was well, since I hadn't seen you about much of late. Pictures of the amazing Shou-chan are always lovely, but it's nice to see you, too. <3

Wah !! I'm sooooo happy !!! *o*
It's been a while I didn't saw you posting =3=

oh!! I'm rely happy to see new photo in community!!! Morikubo is so nice on it <3<3<3!!!! Thank you very much!!!!

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