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森久保祥太郎 = <3

Oh mah gawd
Rokuman X
I haven't posted here in ages. 
I randomly decided to check my lj and the only community i actually liked and saw there had been updates last year.
Here I am, late as hell posting something now and still loving Shou-chan....Good god i feel old...i've been oogling Shoutaro since i was 15...thats 10 years! 10 years people!!!


Big ''Images of the weekend'' thread!
Hi everyone, been a real long time since I've last posted here >.<

Anyways, I hope to be able to update the ''Images of the weekend'' posts ASAP.

For now, some random pics to put some smiles on our faces! =D

Kindan Vampire Drama CD
Hi! I'm sharing Shou-chan's drama CD, Kindan Vampire (with dummy head mic!):

Download link!Collapse )

Happy birthday, Showtaro!!! <3
The beginning
It's already the 25th in Japan, and, as all Morikubo fans know, Shou-chan is 38 today! Of course, he's as beautiful as ever, and another year only makes him that much more perfect, hah. ;) In honour of his birthday, I'm posting a live version of my favourite Show song, Lazy Mind (which has been so kindly uploaded by our very own morikuborules!). If anybody hasn't seen it yet, do check it out. :) And feel free to post any of your favourites, too. ^^


[video] Shimogame # 3 subbed in English
Our latest subbed video, enjoy:

''Spriggan'' talk subbed in English
Thanks to my friend tappajamursu for translating it.

''Mr. CLOWN'' handshake & signing event
Congrats to all the fans and friends that attended to this event! <3
It took place on January 7th, 2012.
Here are the pictures:

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Voice Crew #578 & #579 subbed in English

''Single Match'' live at VitaminZ event 2009 (night)
I uploaded the original night event performance on my backup channel and I'm preparing a video mixing both day and night performances for my main channel.
I know that with the MU thing it's hard for us to upload at any other filehoster( even Multi has been a pain, it won't load the uploader thingy) so I'm trying to use YouTube as much as possible, though it's not safe either.
Enjoy this amazing performance!

''LIDDELL'' + ''The end'' live
From ''Are you Alice?'' special event, held in 2009.


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